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may the 2 women shot at a college in VA today do well.

April 13, 2013

the diversity of gun owners in America

April 6, 2010

I read and reply to a lot of comments in various Huffington Post articles related to the current gun issue. Probably because I can’t help myself and have to intervene in order to keep the topic within bounds. Perhaps the other side feels the same way.

Nevertheless, an oft used tactic by the gun grabber is to deem American gun-owners as rednecks, and some with conspiracy theorist mentalities.

I tried to explain the Waco event to a person on the other side who didn’t know of the event due to age. I’m sure he wikipedia’d the event because he summarized in one paragraph. I told him to google the 911 transcripts of that day, He replied that it all sounded like redneck anti-government crazies. So i just left it at that.

But, now knowing the numbers, gun owners in America are a large population, if not the largest minority. We are diverse, spread across the nation, and have more in common with each other than not. We are your friends, your neighbors, your family, your co-workers. And we care.